Aquatic Invasive Species: A New Tool—A New Law

Aquatic Invasive Species: A New Tool—A New Law

Last legislative session the Legislature passed a law that directly applies to any individual who installs or removes water related equipment or structures from waters of the state for hire.

Folks who provide these services are now required by law to have a permit before conducting work that includes placing or moving water related equipment from any state waters.  People who work for such service providers must also take training.

Leaders of lake service provider (LSP) businesses must attend an in-person training program and the same individual that attends the training is required to apply for the permit.

Minnesota Waters is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing our lakes and streams.  That group has, in cooperation with the DNR, been providing those lake service providers trainings to help service providers comply with the law.  Over 300 business owners have availed themselves of Minnesota Waters’ services since January.

The LSP training schedule can be found on Minnesota Waters’ website, .  They have announced that twelve more additional trainings are scheduled for next month (April) and more will be added this summer.

The bottom line purpose of the program?  To reduce the transport of invasive aquatic species from lake to lake.

Kudos to Minnesota Waters for providing a service to protect our waters.

Darby Nelson

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