Deepening Your Lake Smarts

Deepening Your Lake Smarts

Interested in broadening your knowledge about lakes and lake issues?  This column is for you.

Let me introduce you to the North American Lake Management Society, NALMS for short.

NALMS consists of twelve regions across the country and several Canadian provinces, and is based in Madison, Wisconsin.  Its purpose is to share insights about lakes and their management across the continent.

I have been a member for ten years and have found their bimonthly magazine, LakeLine, a valuable source of up-to-date thinking about lakes and lake management. Each issue focuses on a particular topic.  Past issues have addressed:

  • Source water protection
  • Lake ecology
  • Great Plains lakes
  • Algal toxins
  • National Lake Assessment
  • Social Dimension
  • Shoreline management
  • Southeastern Lakes
  • Fisheries Management
  • Climate Change
  • Aeration, among others.

Members gather annually to share information and perspectives.  This fall it will be held in Madison, Wisconsin.  I am going for sure.

LakeLine is of most value to people with a serious interest in lakes and lake issues

NALMS membership is $55 annually.  Send to NALMS, Box 5443, Madison WI 53705-0443

I have lake presentations to make in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont in days to follow.  My next post will be in early July.

Darby Nelson

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