Detroit Lakes Summit: Wrap-Up

Detroit Lakes Summit: Wrap-Up

We need many tools to stymie aquatic invasive species (AIS). 

Strong law enforcement and aware citizens are two.

Enforcement of existing AIS rules has gone up dramatically. State enforcement operations have more than doubled their AIS budget over last year.

Citations for violating AIS laws more than doubled in 2011 over 2010. DNR staff will provide training for state, county and local law enforcement officials. 

Inspections and cleanings are required not just for power boats and jet skies, but all water craft of any kind—canoes and kayaks included.  Folks with watercraft on Minnesota waters must learn the rules and expectations required to protect our lakes.

Many argued at the Summit that fines for AIS violations are much too low and should be raised commensurate with the fines and confiscations as for fish or game violations.  That issue is likely to come up in the legislature.

Spread the word to friends and neighbors who recreate on our lakes.  Expanded enforcement of AIS rules is here!


We, together, are the most important tool of all.

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