DNR—Aquatic Invasive Species Info Part 2

DNR—Aquatic Invasive Species Info Part 2

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Legislative Outcomes:

  • For property owners: Boat lifts, docks, swim rafts, and related equipment that are removed from any water body may not be placed into another body of water for at least 21 days.
  • Boating: A person must complete training to obtain an AIS trailer decal.  This requirement does not become effective until July 1, 2015.
  • Penalties: Civil penalties and amounts were, for the most part, doubled.

We also heard University of Minnesota Research Professor Peter Sorenson describe his efforts to combat aquatic invasive species.  He has done ground breaking research that can significantly reduce populations of common carp in some of our lakes.  Sorenson is the Director and Chief Scientist at the newly established Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center at the University.  Start up public funding has been secured to get the program rolling.  This research is hugely important, enabling us to get a lead on AIS, learn their vulnerabilities, thereby keeping these invasives from ever reaching our waterways in the first place.

Ultimately, donations are likely to be needed from private sources to supplement tax dollars.  Lake associations, resorts and other groups who have a vested interest in beating back AIS may be critically important to financially help the research move ahead.

Darby Nelson

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