Water Protectors

Water Protectors

Ever wonder who is working to protect our waters beside state agencies?

Actually there are many non-governmental groups doing so.  This posting highlights a promising new initiative being pursued by one such organization: the Freshwater Society.  (They are the folks who produce the Weather Guide Calendar.)

Here’s what their anticipated new program would be about.

  • The initiative would be called the Master Water Stewardship Program.
  • It would be designed similar to the existing, highly successful Master Gardener and Master Naturalist programs.
  • Community members would serve as volunteer leaders who would participate in hands-on experiences over several weeks leading to a Master Water Steward certificate.
  • Stewards would then be required to perform a certain amount of community service related to education and outreach dealing with storm water management and other community water issues.
  • Professionals would be engaged helping the stewards when needed.
  • Stewards would be expected to participate in periodic professional development in storm water management and other community strategies.

Important stuff!  What a great opportunity to help your community!  The program is in its early development phase.  I’ll keep you posted on its progress.  See the Freshwater Society website for other of their water protection programs.

I will feature other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focused on water in coming weeks.  Times are tough for NGOs.  I hope you will support such organizations as the Freshwater Society.  Thanks!

Darby Nelson

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