Geri’s guide to Darby’s books

Both books give you insights into Darby’s character and many passions: biology, aquatic ecology, geology, anthropology, native peoples, agriculture, conservation, public policy, finding solutions, making a difference. Both books will inspire you to explore the natural world and work to protect it.

For Love of Lakes reads like a love story. Read slowly, savoring the words one chapter, or even one paragraph, at a time. Absorb the science, sentiment and ideas. Ponder the messages in the epigrams at the beginning of each chapter.

I think you will want to read this book from start to finish and then go back to your favorite chapters. My favorites are:

Edges—the fascinating story of aquatic insects

Discovering Eden—what’s beneath the waves?

Seeking Hard Bottom—stories of wild ricing

Lakescapes of the Mind—the incredible story of Henry David Thoreau’s Flint’s Pond

For Love of a River: The Minnesota is a biography of the Minnesota River Basin and a personal story of our exploration of it.

Orient yourself with the first two chapters: Prologue: Boy Meets River and Panorama. Then, as is typical of many nonfiction books, you can pick and choose.

The seven chapters following PanoramaStone through Transformation—build a foundation of understanding of the history and landscape of the Minnesota River Basin.

Advocates will be inspired by the six Voices for the River stories. 

Adventurers and recreationists of all kinds will love the Paddling and Lakes of the Basin chapters as will lovers of the out of doors and natural history. Read about the many beautiful and fascinating locales in the basin, and then go explore some of them yourself!

To see how you can be part of the solution to the challenges facing the river, read The Minnissippi River and Epilogue: It’s What We Do on Land.

Be amazed that a man with Alzheimer’s was able to tell this story.

For Love of a River

Darby’s latest book For Love of a River: The Minnesota is coming out on October 1, 2019.

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