For Love of a River Book Club Discussion

Questions for Discussion for Book Clubs

  1. Do you have a special place that draws you back like Morton does Darby? What makes it so special to you?
  2. What childhood experiences have influenced you throughout your life?
  3. The chapters in the book fall into several categories. Which did you enjoy the most and why?
    • Prologue, Panorama, Epilogue, A Note from Geri
    • Background chapters from Stone to Transformation
    • Voices for the River 
    • Lakes in the Basin
    • Paddling 
  4. What ways can people today get involved in helping the Minnesota River and/or the water close to your home?
  5. What activities do you enjoy on the water (wildlife watching, fishing, boating, sightseeing)?
  6. What did you think about the chapters on European American settlement in Minnesota and the Dakota-US war?
  7. Have you visited any of the places described in the book? What are your favorites and why? For easy reference, see the maps on the inside front and back covers.
  8. Have a question for the author? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you!