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For Love of Lakes weaves a tapestry of history, science, values. Nelson’s interplay of emotion and logic stimulates the reader to think—and that is a good thing. For Love of Lakes is poetic to the end—a wonderful read for all who enjoy natural history.
John J. Magnuson, Emeritus Professor of Zoology and Limnology, University of Wisconsin—Madison.

For those of us who live in lake country, nothing is as fine as the mist rising in the early morning, or the pickerelweed in the midday sun, or the beaver slapping at dusk. Darby Nelson captures this glory; more, he tells how we might preserve it against the myriad abuses now plaguing our freshwater oases.
Bill McKibben, author Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet

Nelson weaves an interesting and thought- provoking story based on his love of lakes and the outdoor world. The text blends his power of observation, personal scientific knowledge, and an appreciation of important contributions to the field of limnology. His “story teller” approach provokes readers to consider their particular “dream” lakes and what they might do to protect them for future generations.
Steven Heiskary, Research Scientist, Minnesota Pollution Agency and Past President 2005, North American Lake Management Society

Darby gracefully describes the beauty and ecology of lakes through rich personal and natural history stories. This book engagingly challenges us to consider both our relationship with nature and how our choices affect its future.   Jonathan Higgins, Senior Aquatic Ecologist, The Nature Conservancy

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