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  • I loved the journey with you and Geri through “For Love of Lakes”.  Your writing style is so comfortable…it fits me like my old tennis shoes that I hesitate to part with. Loran Kaardahl
  • I consumed For Love of Lakes.  It was–outstanding. Marvelous. Illuminating. My copy is highlighted, noted, and scribbled upon. Major portions have been re-read already as I strove to suck the marrow out of particularly delicious passages. Insight: “It is no small matter to acknowledge that if an idea held dear is inconsistent with reality, that idea must be wrong.” This sentence stopped me in my tracks for twenty minutes.  I stared out the window at Moose Mountain and Lake Superior and just let it transform my understanding of past events and alter my approach to current events. Thank you for stirring my mind and my heart!  Steve Woods, Executive Director of the Freshwater Society.
  • Thank you, Darby, for For Love of Lakes (and to Geri, as well, for you are there in nearly every page, so much so I think of this book as co-authored).  It is absolutely beautiful and joins mind and heart throughout–knowledge enriched by the imagination and the imagination using that knowledge to deepen, widen and elevate our astonishment and the sheer delight of the mystery of life on this planet.  Ed Hessler, MN Science Teacher’s Association Executive Director
  • Darby- your book is incredible. You’ve somehow managed to channel Thoreau! Randy McCarty, Lake Advocate
  • Nelson combines lyrical prose with hard-edged science as he examines how we are loving our lakes to death.  Tom Meersman, Minneapolis Star Tribune Metro Reporter Read more.
  • “The Native American concept of time as a lake surface where we see “ripples set in motion…meeting ripples from other events, each changing the other in their passing,” underlies Darby Nelson’s For Love of Lakes.  [It] draws on a long tradition of ecological writings, from Agassiz to Thoreau, Buckland to Worster.  Darby approaches the book with a biologist’s eye for detail in a journey he calls, “a reflecting and examining (of) the birthing chamber of perceptions” about how humans form an understanding of lake systems…In each of these selections, readers will encounter nature writing that rivals Annie Dillard.., combined with personal responses to the environmental state of our earth’s natural landscapes and practical suggestions that offer hope in the face of overwhelming issues like climate change.” Kai White in ForeWord Reviews
  • After every chapter I found myself shedding a few tears at the sheer beauty of your storytelling. All who read the book will feel they know you and Geri on a really deep level and will never look at a lake in quite the same way.  Emily Moore, EcoAware Project Coordinator, formerly with MN Pollution Control Agency
  • For Love of Lakes is not just an important book, it is a seminal book, filling a gap in the mosaic of environmental literature. Darby Nelson resolves, quite possibly for the first time, a cultural debate between the sciences and humanities, a conflict that has been argued since Matthew Arnold and T.H. Huxley clashed in the 1800′s. He weaves together a natural narrative reminiscent of Sigurd Olson with a conservation imperative remindful of Aldo Leopold.  Brad Johnson, English Teacher
  • Nelson’s story is one of his personal discovery. Each chapter unwraps the “onion” of understanding about the complex system we call a “lake”. It is a gentle read, the literary equivalent of a canoe paddle through each dimension of a study of a lake. I have already passed the book on to another reader and will continue circulating it around the community here that is struggling to preserve our lake. If you own or influence lake shore property, you must read this book. James, on Amazon.com
  • Great Stocking-Stuffer Suggestion: “For Love of Lakes”. If you love Minnesota’s lakes as much as I do, then you need to run out and buy this book. Author Darby Nelson manages to capture the magic of lake culture – it reads like poetry.  Support Conservation Minnesota’s efforts; for a $50 donation you automatically get the book. Read more.  Paul Douglas, Meteorologist.
  •  Your essays or chapters are interesting, beautifully written, so kind, and sometimes touching. There are many things about it to say but most important for me is the sense of the integrity of a lake and how it is a unit of its own and fits into the overall landscape in a meaningful way… It is for me an intellectural and spiritual experience to suddenly look below the surface. I couldn’t have done it on my own and am grateful for your work and for taking on the labor to make it available in a book for the rest of us.  Robert Olson, son of Sigurd Olson
  • This book has the potential to change folks behavior towards lakes because it speaks from the heart of the author to the heart of the reader.  Dr. Dan Canfield, Professor of Limnology, University of Florida
  • I most thoroughly enjoyed your book.  I got bogged down in all the aquatic plant and animal life but hung in there because the writing was so good.  I was senior editor for an educational publishing firm—so that evaluation does not come easily from me.  Jo Kovach, WICOLA, Ely MN
  • Darby’s writing is reminiscent of Sigurd Olson.  Sara Meyer, Producer, Minnesota Public Radio
  • It’s poised to become the Sand County Almanac of Lakes.  Julie Reaume, Michigan State University Press
  • I was quite sure I knew that little lake [of my childhood] inside and out.  Then I read For Love of Lakes.  This is not a textbook.  Nelson’s style is charming.  The reader can begin at the beginning and read each chapter in succession.  Or he or she can choose chapters at random.  Each chapter is seemingly independent yet connected to the others.  Nelson explains scientific concepts using metaphors that entertain and allow those of us who are not biologists or botanists to really understand.  Nancy Dolphin in The Izaak Walton League of America Minnesota Waltonian
  • I am with you in the Discovering Eden chapter, and the sunfish are described with love and respect and humor.  Jim Terrian, medical doctor
  • It reads like a love story.  I’m on my third reading, savoring every word.  Jeorgette Knoll, League of Women Voters
  • It’s a book you live when you read.  Darby makes lakes come alive.  Kathie Whelchel, Anoka Ramsey Community College Biology Professor Emeritus
  • Everyone in lake country should read this book.  E. S., senior citizen
  • If I had read this in college, I would have majored in biology.  Na Lambert, environmental engineer
  • This is literature!  Dr. Bertel Berg, medical doctor
  • I’ve now read your book, and it is truly amazing! You manage to combine the sensitivity of an artist with the insight of a scientist. I learned a lot and also drew inspiration and conviction for working to help protect our own “Dream Lake.”  Ted J. Rulseh, retired publisher.
  •  I’m halfway through the book and it’s already earned a place on my shelf alongside Olson, Leopold, Carson, Abbey, Lopez, and Thoreau.  Ben Thwaits, Expressive Arts Coordinator, Northwest Passage, Ltd.
  • Your personal reflections and experiences with lakes and your insights on the relationship of humans to lakes were moving and insightful.  Thank you very much for trying to inspire a love and care for lakes among the public and for all your other contributions to conservation over the years.  Ira Adelman, former Chair of Fisheries Dept. at the University of Minnesota

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